Forgot Password
I forgot my password and can't log in.
STATUS: Forgot Password link will be added shortly. In the meanwhile, please use this link to reset password.
Activation Email Issue
I submitted the registration form but never received an activation email.
STATUS: Problem confirmed. Looking into details. In the meanwhile, please contact support@riottt.com to activate your account.


Login and Registration
We are working on streamlining our Login and Registration screens. Stay tuned!
STATUS: Fixing
Navigation problem
When I hit Back button on browser after seeing my friend's profile, I see my friend's profile in the place my profile is supposed to be shown.
"undefined" error in Safari
When I use Riottt on Safari, Messages tab and Friends tab don't work. They just show "undefined".
Message overlap
When I read a long message in Inbox, the message area extends all the way to the grass background area and messes the layout.
STATUS: Fixed.
Numbers Wrong
Numbers of messages (new/old) and numbers of friend requests (new/old) are the same content. They should be handled separately.
STATUS: Fixed.
Group Page Issue
Sometimes group home won't display anything.
STATUS: Fixed.
Search Result Issue in Safari
When I search for people/ Then click on the person I was looking for/ if I press back on my browser's navigation bar all the people Riottt found in search disappear.
STATUS: Fixed.