2007 and Still no Golf Courses on the Moon

As a kid in the early '80s I read that by the year 2000 cars would fly and people would vacation on Mars. They also said humans would live on space stations. The same article went on to explain how we'd be able to walk on water in the space stations because of the low gravity. Pretty much saying modern technology would give us the power of the Christ. So seven years into the millennium what do we have? A devastating war, global warming, a government with a questionable foreign policy. The lesson: Let's not be so focused on outer space without taking a nice, long gander at home. Besides, why focus on extra-terrestrial habitats when there's so much on Earth to explore and discover? Take Abe Tostado for instance. Many of you probably have never heard of this artist but you can learn all about him here, on Riottt. I'm sure there are a few who were unaware of New York's Married to the Mob clothing brand, well go to Riotttvision and get schooled. I also bet there's number of you who didn't know Colorado Springs produced some amazing skateboard talent with the likes of Windsor James. So it's obvious that even with global warming, war and some archaic legislation, we have something that's just as cool as being able to walk on water in space stations... we have Riottt!